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Published by: Joseph Bennett on 29-Jan-20
World Profit FREE Membership Multi Commission System


Charles Goldie is a world profit member and has been with the company Since September 2019 he has a Silver Membership in this program.  


In this video we are going to talk about the World Profit Multi Commission System that was developed by George Kosch himself.


The system has 18 Sites that you can join for FREE and stay a FREE member and even earn a commission as a FREE member.  If anyone joins under you and buys a traffic package or upgrades their account then you will earn 5% commission as a FREE member, 20% as a Silver member and 40% as a platinum member.


World Profit has been online for 25 years now and going strong with more signups into the program everyday.  World Profit is run by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter and they give support 24/7 to those who request a support ticket.


The company started out from a Kitchen Table in 1994 and now they run a big business other companies refer people to world profit for their excellent training program and they are a member of the Better Business Bureau.


You can join World Profit as a free associate and have a good look at the program and see what is in the membership area.  There are lots of goodies even as a free member they give you a lot of free advertising for you to get started.


There is two places where you can find the Multi Commission System when you login to your free membership account look to the left hand side menu.  Click on the Goodie Bag/Freebies and you can also find it under Money Makers left hand menu.


The multi commission system is not the only thing that you will get when you signup as a free associate member at world profit you will also get the following.


1 50,000 FREE Visitors to a site of your choice

2 500,000 FREE Advertising Credits

3 FREE Ebooks and  products to help you make money online, affiliate marketing, social media and more.

4 A Mini Blog

5 Solo Email Blaster Program to 30,000 a month

6 Access to 20 Recommended Top Traffic Sites 


In the membership area you will have the chance to watch a number of video you can’t miss them because you will see a colored bar that says Watch This Video.  


World Profit offers a number of products and services and provide you with ad swipes to promote their program.  


As a FREE member you don’t get that much commission but you get payed higher commissions if you upgrade.